Workplace Massage Program

Massage in the workplace with Advanced Wellness Center of PA is a seamless operation with no risk to you, the employer.

On-site massage can performed in a spare office or near the workstation in an open area.The massage therapist will use a massage chair or table.The length of a massage session can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes, the length of a typical work break. During the massage, no disrobing is necessary and no oil or cream is used. All the employees need to do is loosen a tie or unbutton a top button.

We can have a therapist on site as often as you like. You can set up weekly, biweekly,monthly, or quarterly appointments.We will provide a sign-up sheet for you to circulate among your employees before the scheduled massage day.


$1 per minute (10 minute minimum)

Who Pays?

employee pays for their own session

  • no cost to employer other than time and space
  • Alternative payment programs are available upon request if you prefer to cover costs for your employees.

Benefits For Employers

Lift Morale:
Foster a positive workplace culture, improve interoffice and customer relations.

Demonstrate Value:
Show your employees that you care about their health and well-being.

Deal With Crisis Or ‘Crunch’ Time:
Relieve stress of deadlines, offer massage as a incentive for success.

Benefits For Employees

Improve Health:
Relieve fatigue, perform better, help eliminate absenteeism.

Improve Productivity:
Reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, increase immunity, relieve pain and tension, enhance flexibility. Being: Lower.

Improve Well-Being:
Lower day to day stress, anxiety, and hostility.

Tradeshows and Events

Our therapists are also available for hire for your booth at a tradeshow or health fair, your company sporting event, store openings, office party, etc.

  • Exhibitions: Raise the profile of your brand, increase traffic, draw a crowd.
  • Corporate Events: Motivational incentives, sporting events, corporate hospitality events, product launches.
  • Store Openings: treat your clients and customers therapists are available for hire per hour to offer chair massage at your event. Please call to discuss rates.

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